New blog

I have decided to start new blog. I will try to post more frequently with as much detailed explanations as possible.

I will start this post with couple of works, “character of the week” held at

War Criminal



Leading a pointless civil war in an underdeveloped country, this ruthless man, commanding a guerilla army, rips off poor civilians and wages war against any opponent. He lives a rich life, constantly sapping away the country’s resources, making the poor people around live a very difficult life.

My main idea was two great characters from movies. First was crazy lieutenant from movie “Apocalypse Now” (i think Marlon Brando played him) and second person was Christopher Walken from movie “Deer hunter”. I wanted to portray that fucked up American solider in foreign country, so fuck up it gone mad. But also he is older and wiser, now how to control army, war criminals, and he uses that knowledge and experience to gain power and wealth. Al dough he is mad, so he has no interest in anything, he is just doing what he know best to survive another day.








The nomads of the North are renowned warriors; capable of surviving extreme conditions and defeating the most ferocious of arctic beasts. But these ice lords are also bound by magic as well as nature. The gifted Snowmancers conjure fantastic beings made of snow, ice and magic to aid them in hunting, fighting, even moving huge blocks of ice when constructing new buildings.

I went a bit “darker” 🙂





Postapocalyptic Paladine



The end of the world is nigh! As hell fills to the brim, the demons and nightmares begin to spill out into our world, decimating the world as we know it. An evil threat so great requires a special type of hero. A holy warrior equipped with the unique ability to vanquish the demons and monsters from existence; The Paladin. But years of fighting have taken their toll on resources and new Paladins must craft their righteous armor and holy weapons out of whatever scraps they can find.

This time i went with some mecha desing of his armour. Like in previous entries, most important part was character design and his emotional expression trough facial expression and body posture







Old photo



The Cirque de Mystère is an early 20th Century. underground circus show of mystical acts, inexplicable stunts and freakish sideshows. The talented performers of the cirque live dark and dangerous lives with ties in the seedy underworld of sex, crime and the occult. Unable to sustain ‘normal’ lives in mainstream society, many of the cirque troupe lead double lives as thieves, con-artists, assassins and other undesirables.

I wanted to portray famous Elephant man after entire day of work at his cigarette break behind tent



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