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3 Months and nothing? Damn boy

Yeah i was doing some stuff these months, as usual most of them are nda locked but as always there are some works i can show

So i will start with one personal painting done in spare time. Wanted to push anatomy, some painterly feel, as always, and more dynamic poses from now on.


This one is cover art for LP. Great music Skaylar!!!


….and few sketches/thumbs


Here are few works done challenges at CA, and what not, also personal

Arctic shipwreck




Paintover just for fun, i’ll insert in post original artist later when i find him

Image done with mouse, outside my window

Portrait of a alien

Landscape study

Raven study, done with mixer brush tool

Mecha-for fun

Another photo study

Trying out mixer brushes, After Schmid

Different works for different clients

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